e-prevention and risk reduction in festive environments. Know more, risk less

Alcohol : info and advice

Alcohol is obtained from the fermentation or distillation of fruits, vegetables, cereals.

Alcoholized drinks contain it in small to stronger doses. Licensed spots can sell alcohol in standard doses so that there is the same quantity of alcohol in a beer, a wine or a whisky glass for example. Elsewhere, especially with friends, dosing out the drinks correctly is more important.

Alcohol stimulates, relaxes and disinhibits. People usually seek being drunk or just want to copy their peers.


Alcohol distorts capacity to judge and react.
The perceived effects are not always the ones you were seeking at first.

Know more, risk less.

Avoid drinking without eating.

Space out your drinks.

Avoid mixing with other psychoactive substances.

Remember to use condoms if you have sex.

Remember to drink water regularly during and after your party.

Drink at your pace, do not model your consumption on others.

Avoid driving (car, scooter, bike, kick scooter, rollers…)

Avoid texting your exes…

In partnership with
• In any case call or have somebody call 112 or 15 (in France)
• if the person is conscious :
- keep him/her awake by talking to her.
• if the person is uncounscious : undo his/her tight clothes, check if he/she’s breathing and put him/her in recovery position
• stay with him/her until emergency services arrive and inquire about the location of a defibrillator