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Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids (AAS)

No matter why you came to this page, either you decided to buy steroids or to use some of the products listed on our website, maybe it’s maybe it’s just curiosity to learn or you are worrying about one of your relatives, we will give you answers and leads about harm prevention in order to limit aggravating factors associated with steroids use.

AASs are a class of steroid hormones derived from testosterone, used therapeutically in the treatment of male hypogonadism.

Initially diverted by top athletes for physical performance enhancement, their misuse has gradually spread to amateurs but also to a non-sporting population in search of aesthetic sophistication.

Know more, risk less

Product-related risks
Many side effects: acne, irritability, aggressiveness, high cholesterol, heart problems, liver disease, cancer…
Watch out!!! Risk of drug dependence with withdrawal: muscle wasting, fatigue, depression, decreased libido…

Risks by gender
Gynecomastia, Shrinking of the testicles, Infertility for men
Hirsutism, Hair loss, Lower voice, Atrophy of the breast, Amenorrhea for women

Practice-related risks
Intramuscular injections with syringe sharing or reuse of a used syringe: increased risk of infection

Online shopping risks
Deception on the product, deception on the dosage, poor quality of the vector, microbial contamination of the sample, legal consequences



Use only sterile equipment

Seringue icone

Beware of fake experts and false videos online

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• In any case call or have somebody call 112 or 15 (in France)
• if the person is conscious :
- keep him/her awake by talking to her.
• if the person is uncounscious : undo his/her tight clothes, check if he/she’s breathing and put him/her in recovery position
• stay with him/her until emergency services arrive and inquire about the location of a defibrillator