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Synthetic cathinones (4-MEC, 3-MMC)

No matter why you came to this page, either you decided to buy cathinones or to use some of the products listed on our website, maybe it’s maybe it’s just curiosity to learn or you are worrying about one of your relatives, we will give you answers and leads about harm prevention in order to limit aggravating factors associated with cathinones use.

Family of amphetamine-type psychostimulant substances
Known as mephedrone, 4-MEC, 3-MMC… Widely used in ChemSex in Europe

Know more, risk less

Be careful with the dose consumed

High variability of concentrations

Psychiatric risks
Paranoia, Delusions…

Infectious risks
Hepatitis, HIV, STI, abscess…

Hard comedown
Irritability, Suicidal thoughts


Cardiac toxicity

Loss of control over consumption, Dependence, Solitary use


Use single-use equipment
straw, syringe, etc.

Seringue icone

Sexual health risk
Use condoms, gel…

In partnership with
• In any case call or have somebody call 112 or 15 (in France)
• if the person is conscious :
- keep him/her awake by talking to her.
• if the person is uncounscious : undo his/her tight clothes, check if he/she’s breathing and put him/her in recovery position
• stay with him/her until emergency services arrive and inquire about the location of a defibrillator