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LSD (acid)

No matter why you came to this page, either you decided to buy LSD or to use some of the products listed on our website, maybe it’s maybe it’s just curiosity to learn or you are worrying about one of your relatives, we will give you answers and leads about harm prevention in order to limit aggravating factors associated with LSD use.

A powerful hallucinogen, LSD comes in blotting paper (paper soaked with acid), microtip (like a pencil point), sometimes as a liquid.


LSD causes powerful sensory interference, hallucinations, hysterical laughter. Those effects are very intense and difficult to describe and can vary individually.


The up phase and the comedown can be very unpleasant. In those moments, the risk of a “bad trip” is high: dread, panic attacks, phobia, confusional states or even delirious breath or serious and lasting psychiatric accidents.


The effects are very variable. You never know the active substance content, even for little doses. Do not stay alone.
Mixing with certain antibiotics (Rulid®, Josacine®) is particularly dangerous.

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• In any case call or have somebody call 112 or 15 (in France)
• if the person is conscious :
- keep him/her awake by talking to her.
• if the person is uncounscious : undo his/her tight clothes, check if he/she’s breathing and put him/her in recovery position
• stay with him/her until emergency services arrive and inquire about the location of a defibrillator